Say Yes To Prescription Sunglasses!

Summer is in full swing and we are proudly sporting our Wayfarers, oversize designer glasses and our flash mirror aviators. But, for some of us, wearing the hottest trend sunglasses means one of two things: 1) we have to wear our contacts or 2) we basically can’t see. What to do?? Invest in prescription sunglasses!! Think about it… You get the benefit of clear vision with the added bonus of UV protection. All in all, a pretty good idea. I personally have 3 pairs of prescription sunglasses and I couldn’t be happier. As any of us with a less than perfect visual acuity know, contact lenses are not always our best friends. Some days our eyes are just too dry or too tired (or we are just feeling too lazy). Solution?? Throw on a pair of prescription sunglasses and go about your day.

Still not convinced?? Well, here are our top 3 reasons for adding prescription sunglasses to the mix.

  1. As I have already said… clear vision + UV protection = a really good idea!
  2. Like dark, dark shades? Grey tint? Brown tint? Maybe even rose tint? Well guess what, you can choose any of these.
  3. Have you ever come across really great frames but you just aren’t quite sure you want it as your primary eyewear? Up the cool factor and make them into sunglasses.

Just in case you still need a little help, here are my top picks.

  1. Vogue – VO2787 Pretty, pink and oversized…These glasses are great for adding a little pop of color.
  2. Gotham 148 Crystal This pair is a personal favorite and looks amazing w/ dark lenses.
  3. Geek-127U Available in tortoise and black matte, these add just the right amount of cool edge.


VO2787_2_edit Gotham148_Crystal_1_edit Geek_127U_BlackMatt_2


Until next time…





by Dawn Schwartz