Listen up guys…Men’s Eyewear is Having a Moment!

As a man, eyeglasses are the fastest and easiest way to update your look. The good news is this…men’s eyewear is having a HUGE moment! We are seeing it everywhere (ad campaigns geared toward the male eyeglass wearer, articles in fashion and trade magazines and of course on the red carpet), men who are already in the know about the importance of a great pair of glasses (or several great pairs).

So what does the fashionable man need to know when choosing his eyewear?? Let’s break it down.

  1. Black Acetate –think Buddy Holly – bold and thick, these frames are all about the perfect shape. Rectangular frames have a serious vibe, while a round frame has a funky, vintage feel.   A great black acetate frame is the Gucci GG1006. Want to go a little more subdued? Try a pair layered with crystal clear, such as the Gotham 186.
  2. Tortoise – with an always preppy vibe, these frames come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with either bold or subtle design. The tortoise frame is a softer, more classic look, much like the Gucci GG1053.
  3. Crystal Clear – like we have seen on several men during awards season, including Ty Burrell at the 2014 Emmy’s – crystal eyeglasses are a great alternative to their bold colored counterparts.   Looking for crystal clear frames? Try Gotham 148.
  4. Ombre – this style of frame has been seen a lot lately and typically looks best in shades of grey or light brown fading near clear. This pattern works best on a square frame, such as the Geek Eyewear GEEK-RAD-09.
  5. Color – colorful eyeglasses make a statement and are for the truly fashion forward. It takes confidence and bravado, but when done just right, a colorful frame can be the ultimate in fashion forward eyewear.
  6. Metal– some men just prefer metal frames. For those who do, just remember to pick a pair that is flattering to your face shape. One of our favorite pairs of metal frames are the Emporio Armani- OEA1005.

Eyeglasses, just like a suit or haircut, can make or break your entire look, so choose wisely. Choose a pair that fits your face shape and a color that suits your complexion. Still unsure?? Well, you can always buy two pairs…

Til next time,


by Dawn Schwartz