Lens Materials Explained

Eyeglass Materials

Basic Eyeglass Lenses

Basic lenses are the recommended plastic lens for low-to-moderate prescriptions shown on a prescription as +/- 0.00 to 2.00. If your prescription is higher than this or if you prefer thinner lenses – please see our other Hi-Index lenses.

Thin & Light Polycarbonate Eyeglass Lenses

With an index refraction of 1.59, Polycarbonate lenses are the most impact-resistant eyeglass lenses. They are 30% thinner than the standard optical lenses but more impact resistant than thin lenses and are especially recommended for children’s eyeglasses and for sporting activities. Standard polycarbonate lenses are usually recommended for prescriptions ranging from 0.00 to +/-4.00. If your prescription is higher than this, please refer to our Hi-Index lenses (1.6/1.67).

Thin Lenses

Hi-Index lenses are 30-50% thinner than standard plastic lenses and are the lens of choice for those with high prescriptions – prescriptions shown as +/- 0.00 to 4.00. At a 1.6–index, you’ll be amazed at how thin your eyeglass lenses can be!

Extra Thin Lenses

Hi-Index extra thin eyeglass lenses are 45% thinner than regular plastic lenses at an index of 1.67. These lenses are recommended for prescriptions from +/-2.00 to +/- 6.00 for maximum results.

Thinnest Available

Hi-Index ultra thin eyeglass lenses are the thinnest lenses available on the optical market with an index of 1.74. These lenses are recommended for those with prescriptions +/-6.00 and above and should be used with an ultraviolet protective coating for premium results.