How To Find Size

Ever read the size numbers inside a frame temple and wonder what they mean? We’ll explain here, using 48-19-140 as an example:

All frames have standardized size measurements to help manufacturers and optical personnel fit them for consumers: The first number, 48, represents the size of the lenses. The second number, 19, is the bridge size, which ensures that the frame fits your nose. The third number, 140, is the temple length (temples are the parts that hook over the ears).

If you want an excellent frame fit, go to an optical boutique and get some help from the trained personnel, then ask them to write it down — it will be well worth your time!


If you already own a eyeglass or sunglass frame, look on the inside of each temple to find the size of the frame…look at the image to the right. TheEye Size is always first then there a dash or a square the bridge sizesome space then the temple size. The vertical size is rarely on the frame.templesizes

Note: if the size is not on the temple look under the bridge.



To know truly how big the frame is, meaning how will it look on your face you must determine the total frame width. The total frame width includes the endpieces, and the endpieces are never measured and specified. The endpiece refers to the width of the frame from the edge of the lens out to the edge of the frame where the temples are connected to the frame front. In most cases an endpiece is 2-6 mm for a total of 4-12mm for both.




Below are instructions on how to determine the best frame size for your face.

  • Looking into your mirror, hold a ruler so it is lined up with your temple. (See illustration for proper positioning)eyeglassmeasure
  • You can put a pen or pencil in each ear to help position each ear.
  • Measure in inches the distance between your left and right temples.
  • Use the chart below to convert your measurement to a frame size.
  • You must only order a frame in which its size is within +/- 3 of your size.

To convert your measurement from inches to millimeters (mm) please multiply by 25.4…1 inch = 25.4mm.

To convert your measurement from centimeters (cm) to millimeters (mm) please multiply by 10…1cm = 10mm.