What Is Single Vision? Single vision refers to lenses that do not have a bifocal. They are used for distance and/or near. On a prescription, there will be no ADD written.


What Is Bifocal? Bifocal lenses have a distance prescription on the top of the lens and a reading prescription on the bottom of the lens. They can be lined or no lined, also know as progressive. On a prescription, there will be an ADD written.


What Are Anti-reflective lenses? Anti-reflective lenses cut down on glare and reflection. They are especially useful when viewing a computer and driving at night.


What Are Transition lenses? Transition lenses are made to change color in various amounts of sunlight. They protect the eyes from the damaging UV rays of the sun.


What Does PD Stand For? PD is the distance between your pupils or the centers of your eyes. This measurement is written on a prescription as one number or two numbers. Please enter it exactly as it is written.


How do I get a prescription? Simply visit your optician and get an eye exam and be sure to ask your doctor for your PD (pupillary distance) measurement. Your doctor – by law – must provide you with a copy of your prescription when asked.


Can you read my prescription off my old/current lenses? No, we cannot. Due to varying state laws, we are prohibited from doing so.


I can’t read my prescription very well, what do I do? If you prefer, you can also send us your prescription by e-mail or via Fax and our opticians will read your prescription for you, with no any extra charge. Simply scan your prescription and e-mail it to [email protected] or mail it to our office at the address listed below. Note: When sending your prescription by mail or by e-mail – please write your full name and order confirmation number given to you at the end of the order